Creative – Myths and Legends

Hello, my name is Liam today i will be telling you about what I call Eric this creature is totally unpredictable there are no signs of danger because of its face.

This creature’s face is totally blank except for a wide mouth that eats anything including humans. This creature will eat any meat. The best way to escape Eric is by throwing any object.

The Origin Story of Eric.

One day this man named Eric was going into an abandoned house he saw this monster it was an orb it was going to him and now he’s monster he gained the power to teleport to an upside world. He also REALLY liked jam.

here is an image.

The last time anyone saw him was in the woods nobody knows where Eric is now but he can still be out there somewhere. He might be out there who knows. He also spits acid like the Dilophosaurus


Hello I’m Liam and today I will be talking about crystals. Let’s get started.

Being ready to learn,

Crystals often form in nature when liquids cool and start to harden. Certain molecules in the liquid gather together as they attempt to be stable. They do this in a uniform and repeating pattern that forms the crystal. In nature, crystals can form in liquid rock, called, magma.

Crystals have atoms that are arranged in an organized structure.  The number and strength of the bonds with adjoining atoms make the crystals hard.


Setting learning goals,

Engaging in the learning process,

it crawls out like a Caterpillar.

Here is my movie. Thank you for watching.

Evaluating learning.

I’d add more photos in the stop-motion movie to make it longer I think it was too short. that all

The time I almost destroyed the earth

hello my name is liam. today at the ojcs we excavated cookies and took out the chocolate chips. we used small tools and tooth picks to scoop out the chocolate chips. we had soft and hard cookies. i chose hard and soft it took not so long but it was hard with out destroying it.  the cookie was the earth.  i was really close to destroying the earth. we also studied rocks. i will tell you one. sedimentary rock is when smaller rocks compact to make bigger rocks. here is my picture of when i was scooping my cookie rock.   we did this class in science. i was really proud of myself.

Innovation Day

hello im liam today i will talk about my innovation day project. Here i will tell you about the medical times and pulleys.


number 1 how to half your things weight.   if you had something that was 100 pounds and add 1 to the pulley that you have you will have 50 weight left. 2 maniacal pulleys this image is a good exapel. Image result for mechanical pulleys

now for the last one is number 3Image result for compound pulleys

a compound pulley is a pulley combines a fixed not moving pulley

Here are my pictures from my booklet:

pthese are my pictures.

My design:


self reflection.   

those are my pictures for the inactivation day. what did i like and what i disliked. i liked making the objects in the house and i liked when i made different paint types i liked. and thats all.

      That’s it thank you for seeing bye see you later

stop motion project blog post

hello world today i liam will be making a new blog post. i will talk about stop motion i will be adding numbers On what they are 1 will be how hard it is 2 going to be how to do it and 3 will be a video about creating clay people.  how hard is stop motion. stop motion can be hard it can take a few hours to a few days It’s mostly hard having to make the clay people and the clay outfits if you want but it will take a while. stop motion is best with a friend or someone to help. the stop motion will take a while. it is hard doing the clay finding somewhere  to put it and doing the outfits. so in conclusion it is hard.

2 how to stop motion. doing stop motion needs an iPad a phone or an app. It’s best to do it with an app.  and a phone or a iPad. the best is on a flat surface such as card bored tables  and desks. when you want to do it you have to make them stand and make sure they dont fall  and take the picture before the clay falls  you can see when it falls on a iPad will see it. its easy to do it. in apps search stop motion. here are some pictures.

3. three is showing a video but i will tell you first.  clay is hard to making  into people. making  people is easy just make a line not to thick and not to thick. then you want to get tools or something to make eyes and a mouth and if you want legs make legs by cut the bottom of the body into the middle.  by making shoes get clay make it into a small shoe and when you’re done with the shoes you can connect them with his legs. i dont know how to make shirts pants and other stuff the video is click here           <——————

4. how to make a set

  • 1 SERONLINE Polymer Clay Tools – Best Overall.
  • 2 Sculpt Pro Pottery Tool Kit – Most Multi-functional.
  • 3 Blisstime Clay Sculpting Tools – Best for Carving.
  • 4 Meuxan Pottery Tool Set – Most Versatile Set.
  • 5 Hush Pure Polymer Clay Tools – Best for Polymer Clay.
those are some good sets to use clay with.  if your like me you can just grab some kitchen tools
number 5. how to carve inside clay get your knife not to sharp if they are too sharp it just cuts to easy.  lets do it. so get your clay and your knife thingy then cut a mouth on the clay  and cut another one under it then cut in side of it until it looks like a mouth.
 Here is our video:












Hello world! Liam here! Let me tell you about my second science unit investigating Sound!

First we studied about what is sound. Sound is really impotent for people we can hear because sound. not all people can hear sound some people need

Next, we looked at what the 4 properties of sound are:reflect absorbed and modified first. reflect reflect is like your reflection but with sound reflect is like. bouncing almost exactly bouncing such as throwing a ball and bouncing back.                                                                                                                Now absorbed sound can bounce from a lot of stuff like walls floors doors etc. but it cant bounce off of everything such as couch cushions and pillows etc. you probably think sound cant go really far well your right in your room that your reading this it probably does not go super far but in caves long hall ways and stair cases it can go super far depending on how far it is.

Now I will talk about modification or modification. modify is pitch or loudness pitch is how high it voice or whatever it is. high is pitch. The pitch is sort of like squeak and modify also means loud loud can also be pitch they can combine into a loud pitch which can really hurt your ears.

How does sound travel?

Sound travels in waves higher pitches are like circles even tho you’d think that it’d be lines that shake and lower pitches are lines.


Hand is hold megaphone and wear grey suit on green or mint or Tiffany Blue background. Megaphone Stock Photo

After, we explored how Sound travels. sound travels in waves. high pitches travel in circles and lower pitches in lines!

What is volume? What is pitch?

Finally, I made a model ear. it is:


Reflection of Learning:

I think that Science is going really good

I would like to improve on geting it faster

I would like to do stuff that have to do with clay like the ear thing


This summer I went to Hamilton. I was feeling  super happy about going because I had never been there before. I didn’t know what to expect but was excited to go on a trip. 


First, my mom, my brother, my grandparents and I left at 9 in the morning. It took 5 hours to get there. I played Eye Spy with my brother and looked at mountains. I was pretty bored by the time we got to our destination. We stopped for dinner on the way and ate pasta at an Italian restaurant.


Then, we drove to our hotel where we stayed for 5 days. It was a fun hotel that had over 100 rooms. I was in room 247 which had a big comfortable bed, TV and a fancy bathroom. 


Next, we got settled and went to the pool. It was an indoor pool with a diving board but I just floated around. My mom didn’t want to swim with me because she didn’t want to get wet. I swam with my brother, Ethan instead. 


The next day, we went to a chocolate factory. It smelled good because it was full of chocolate. It looked cool and we were able to see machines which were getting chocolate and going into small cups. I did not buy anything but I did get a free chocolate on a stick which was amazing!


Overall, my trip was really fun but also kind of sucked at the same time. Thare was  no internet but I didn’t care about that so much but it was boring . When we went to bed, I was asleep finally. 

science light blog post

hello Liam  i’m telling you about light

natural and artificial light lets talk about natural light is hard to explain, it is not man made such  light  created by fireflies. artificial light is man made like street lights  and car lights and more.

luminous and non luminous luminous is  like natural light but it means light bulbs or stadium lights non luminous is non luminous  witch means it does not make its own light that is it for luminous.  now we will be talking about how light moves. light

travels as a wave but unlike sounds or waves tha’y don’t need energy or matter or material   it travels like a vacuum in a completely airless space. now i will tell you

reflect about what a good reflector is good reflectors are well what the name seems like its a good reflector such as glass coloured or shiny surfaces like glass water or

metal are excellent  reflectors. all the lights that hit them bounces back off

person holding round glass ball

we say that tha’y are highly reflective.  i will now explane  what opeq translucent or transparency is see threw translucent is mid ability to see opeqe is 

that you can not see at all. that is all what i am going to talk about

[add pic here]